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NEWSLETTER  -  Weekend Events from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th December 2021

All information is supplied without guarantee, subject to modifications. Click for more information on the event. Advert of events is FREE! Advert your product on our website.  More information here. Contact us now: info@whats-on-mombasa.com.

Friday 3rd December

Mint Lounge Bamburi
Ultimate Friday with DJ Kslin | DJ Moha 001

The Spot Lounge Nyali
Rockers Reggae with Archy Kawere | MC Warrior

The Spot Lounge Nyali
Rockers Reggae with Archy Kawere | MC Warrior

Dash Bar Bamburi
Dash Bar Rave with DJ Ken

Club Hypnotica Nyali
Wet And Wild Pool Party with DJ James | DJ Elly | DJ Grandson

Soul Breeze Beach Resort
Rave with Phauz

Marina Seaside Restaurant Mtwapa
Friday Karaoke Night with Samantha | DJ Hussein

Bianca Lounge Mtwapa
Reggae On The Beach with Thah Bishop | DJ Press Play | MC Blackrose | MC Shatta | DJ Vital

The New Big Tree Beach Bar Bamburi
Twinstar Band

Hypnotica Bar & Restaurant Nyali
Freaky Friday with DVJ Grandson | DJ Elly | DJ Hans

Divas Lounge Bamburi
Rhumba Nostalgia with Ambro La Musica Band

Mingles Lounge Nyali
Friday Brewed to Perfection with DJ Frankie Walker | DJ Murphy

Safari Inn Shanzu Serena
Live Music Night

Eckolab Bar & Grill Mtwapa
Hangout Friday with DJ Niro

Tribe Earth Diani
Tribe Earth Soul Sessiond

New Cheers Bamburi
Reggae Night with Cheers Band

Amigos Beach Bar & Restaurant Diani Beach
Beach Bonfire

Club The Place Bamburi
Masauti Homecoming Live with DJ Kings | DJ Xtepa

Kingston Beach Lounge
Friday Gone Wild with DJ Masha | DJ Sir Ric

Apollo Club Changamwe
Level Up Friday with DJ C-Mple Ken

Brazuca Diani
Karaoke Unwind Fridays

Club Mios
Bamburi with DJ Niro | VJ Brown

Club Zero 4 Moi Avenue
Whsikey Fridays with DJ Sammy Blez | DJ Memz

Danka Lounge Mtwapa
Hangout Friday with Chris Da Bass | MCA Triky | DJ Ivory

Distant Relatives Kilifi
Decadence with Coco Em | Budalagi | Huilly Huile

Lexo Lounge Kilifi
Freaky Friday with Issa Platinum

Mint Lounge
Black Friday with DJ Moha 001 | DJ Kslin

Tapas Cielo Nyali
Walker Festival with DJ Grauchi | DJ Flaxx | DJ Dennz


Saturday 4th December

Derrick's Beach Bar Mtwapa
White Party At The Beach with Kigoto | Mama Lao | Regybaby | DJ Maps | DJ Edduh

Amigos Beach Bar & Restaurant Diani Beach
Beach Bonfire

The Moorings Mtwapa

Animo Country Retreat Mtwapa
Rhumba Live with Dezo Baba | Jocker Intact

Apollo Club Changamwe
Mtu 7 Saba Band

Qua Bruce Bar & Restaurant Diani
Concert Karaoke
with Kowa The Great

Tally's Lounge Bamburi
Ricky Mulolo with Idologia Musica Band

Kusini Tavern Kilifi
Kryptic Sato with DJ Tee One

Mingles Lounge Nyali
Maima Kithungu Raha

Mint Lounge Bamburi
Saturday Turn Up Sherehe with Kaytrixx

Abassuna Grill Mazeras
Swahili Jazz Quartet with henry Saha | Uledi Udzize | Freddy Ekakore | Juma Tutu

Sizzlers Steak House Diani Beach
Soul train with DJ Frankee

Kingston Beaach Lounge
Beach Bar Grand Opening with DJ Accoustic | DJ Sir Ric

Prime Comfort Hotel Mtwapa
Party Animal Sn 1 with DJ Ivory | Mc Chapatizo | DJ Resh

Brazuca Diani
Classic Reggae Satos with DJ Nicky Bwoy

Lexo Lounge Kilifi
The Rave Saturday with DJ Bentiq

New Cheers Bamburi
The Mugithi King Mike Rua Is Back In Toen

Samba Bistro
Coastal Tour with Kevoh Awilly

Jumeirah Beachfront
Hunters Cider Amapiano Ya Mombasa with Kagwe Mungai | DJ Kronikx | DJ Dii | DJ Perez | Aj The DJ | K The DJ | DJ Armani | Sparky Nderu | Karis Memes | Sultan Ke

Friday, Sarurday, Sunday

Kilifi Pearl Kikambala
Afternoon Rave with DJ Phaus


Sunday 5th December

Soulbreeze Beach Resort
Reggae At The Beach with Selektah Madcase | Selektah Dee Fattar

Club Zero 4 Moi Avenue
165 Sunday School with VDJ Edden | DJ Mems

Eckolab Bar & Grill
Sunday Groove with DJ Niro | DJ Ibrah

Apollo Club Changamwe
Jamrock Reggae Sundays
with Daddy Silk | MC Havvy

Animo Country Retreat Mtwapa
Rhumba Live with Ricky Mulolo & Idologia Musica Band

The New Big Tree Beach Bar Bamburi
Mombasa Roots Band

Divas Lounge Bamburi
Rhumba Sundays with Ambro La Muzika

Kusini Tavern Klifi
Sunday Reggae with DJ Tee One

Kingston Beach Lounge
Sunday School with Benz The Captain

Kusini Tavern Kilifi
Sunday Reggae with DJ Tee One

Distant Relatives Kilifi
Santuri Sundowner with Air | Conditioner | Bush Of Ghosts



Friday 03 | 12
High water: 03.03: 3.7 m
Low water: 09.25: 0.2 m
High water: 15.31: 3.1 m
Low water: 21.19: 0.3 m

Saturday 04 | 12
High water: 03.44: 3.9 m
Low water: 10.07: 0.0 m
High water: 16.14: 3.2 m
Low water: 22.00: 0.2 m

Sunday 05 | 12
High water: 04.26: 4.0 m
Low water: 10.48: 0.0 m
High water: 16.56: 3.2 m
Low water: 22.41: 0.2 m

Note: Add 40  min for Lamu and 5  min for Malindi, no change for Kilifi and Diani.



Friday 03 | 12
16.15 & 18.45: Ghostbusters Afterlife
16.30 & 18.50: Encanto 3D
21.00: House Of Gucci
21.15: Tadap

Saturday 04 | 12
10.30: King Richard
10.45: Bunty Aur Babli 2
13.20 & 19.00: Ghostbusters Afterlife
13.45 & 16.00: Encanto 3D
15.50: Eternals 3D
18.15: House Of Gucci
21.15: Antim: The Final Truth
21.30: Tadap

Sunday 05 | 12
10.00:  Bunty Aur Babli 2
10.10: Satyameva Jayate 2
12.50 & 21.15: Tadap
13.10: Eternals 3D
15.35: Nafsi (Soul)
16.15: Encanto 3D
18.15: Antim: The Final Truth
18.30: Ghostbusters Afterlife
21.00: House Of Gucci



Sunday 5th December
Amigos Beach Bar & Restaurant Diani Beach
Sunday Family Outing



Thursday 2nd December 6.30 pm
Jukwaa Art Productions Aryan Plaza 4th Floor
Tales Of The Accidental City



Saturday 4th December 8 am
Diani Beach Shopping Centre
Diani Soko



4th & 5th December
The Dhow House Nyali
Christmas Craft Fair



Every Weekend
La Marina Mtwapa
Sunset Cruise
by Kago Holidays

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